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About Us

Our soy candles are hand poured in the Arkansas Delta. They are non- toxic, natural, water soluble, made from a renewable resource and the best of all - the soybean wax helps the AMERICAN farm economy.

Soybean wax is clean burning - virtually NO soot. We use the highest quality fragrances and we infuse our scents throughout the entire candle so that you get the same incredible fragrance from top to bottom. Our soy candles are unique!

As a farm family, we take pride in our homemade candles in AMERICA, using AMERICAN products and products grown on AMERICAN soil.
Today, Southern Soy Scents is owned and operated by Crystal and Stan Warner.  We live 10 miles west of the Mississippi River in the Arkansas Delta where soybeans grow in abundance.  Growing up in a farming community surrounded by soybeans We have a daughter, Kristen, son-in-law, Lee and two beautiful grandchildren, Lee and Madi Grace.

Together, we believe in our candles and want to make a commitment to our growing customer base that we are producing the very best soy candle possible.  We are dedicated to our candles and believe in making our home and your home a healthy environment for your loved ones.  Stan and I realized that our daughter and our grandchildren represent the next generation of candle users. They are a generation that will grow up burning The Healthy Candle. 

Stan and take pride in teaching our family how the soy beans are grown, harvested, and produced into an incredible product.  In our case-a GREAT candle.  Here’s to America-here‘s to home! God Bless America.

Southern Soy Scents was founded in 2003 by Tim and Stacy Parker.  They have set our high standards in candle-making and we pledge to continue their commitment to excellence.

Marjorie & Kristen
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